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Unt degree audit - It was ridiculous also spoke to employers and they said do not consider that reputable university. I was highly motivated learner invested the necessary time and according to school did well. Was this review helpful YesNo of people found the following Anonymous Progress February email verified Materials Teachers Institution Support Value Technology Hard work but worth Well price

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But again you can reach out to course mentor for help interpreting the feedback and understanding assignment. Was this review helpful YesNo of people found the following Robertrod Graduate on August email verified Materials Teachers Institution Support Value Technology Excellent University school with an model went straight from WGU BS course study to their MBA program and paid off big now upper management direct result my academic mentors were amazing curriculum tough but well laidout loved work your own pace . You do not want to all of the work and pay for tuition find at end cannot complete your program because school within miles will accept . I recently quit WGU because was about to defenestrate myself over the ridiculous grading process they for written submissions | UNT System

Students looking for an athletic component to their education can join baseball softball cross country teams. I filed an appeal and the predictably stood behind their grader. If you need someone to break things down into small bits for go somewhere else

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How to transfer to UNT | Transferring to UNTStudents from Australia Russia England Saudi Arabia Mexico can be found studying alongside local . I enjoyed this degree so much am returning to get second Master Curriculum and Instruction. If you want to succeed at WGU need have time invest both the studies and as your own advocate on phone with them making sure treated fair. I am not going to on and be negative about WGU because that simply my way however it is what will getting better career nor accepted into DBA PHD program with this degree having said you make up your own mind. The folks that are annoyed again ones who didn take control of their education and put all into it. The school specializes in college transfer core curriculum and associate degrees which students earn months of fulltime study although many learners AC choose to enroll part

Was this review helpful YesNo of people found the following Anonymous Progress April Materials Teachers Institution Support Value Technology Educational TIP for all professionals and students currently enrolled WGU B. While attending UNT monitor your progress with online degree audit system. If had the choice to make all over again definitely go with WGU. A good student mentor makes all the difference your experience in program. As an added bonus the acre campus in upper Gulf Coast of state is nestled wildlife and nature preserve. It s up to the student prepare themselves do work and seek out help when needed. You schedule time to do your studies and work stick . Prompts are posted to message boards that designed get people open up and share their opinions ideas but NOT about anything germane subject hand. Information Technology Security B. It allows you to work at your own pace and for great price. For objective assessments OA many of us are used to taking practice test and then being provided with answers questions you got wrong rationale . My admissions counselor wasn t Personality but she got the job done

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Warningbeware of the financial aid officeit s complete disaster dealt with several people who promised to fix their error and none them did even after escalating supervisor. I am required to speak with her every week


  • There are plenty of resources available to students failure rests solely on your hands. This program for those with high level of selfdirected learning and time management skills. They made me take courses from Museum of Natural Science that did not count but wasted time

  • Even more important to me is that know how hard worked. You can talk and discuss assignments with people who are going through the same course at time

  • I have had no issues meeting the requirements that WGU has established for my degree program. Secondly I will be starting my final term for bachelor degree next month. Also I would recommend actually reading the rubrics of requirements they will be looking for each assignment

  • Join us and discover why UNT excellence realized. Teaching Social Science M

  • While there is some value in writing papers on math this was just about all did for close to years. With a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree majority your AAS career technical credits may apply. And still accredited just much

  • The best way to think about this like rubric. That said can call or email the course mentor myself

    • What I can say is that insofar as the actual skills and knowledge it provides along with very reasonable cost would recommend this program highly to already established working person Was review helpful YesNo people found following Asbelcorp Progress July email verified Materials Teachers Institution Support Value Technology Great online more than half way through MBA Healthcare Management overall has been outstanding. Nor have I found schools that assign you mentor calls once week Perfect Of course not But if are motivated disciplined and can work independently will succeed The key competence. Keep in mind have been to traditional college

    • I have letters of recommendations from parents students credentialed coteachers and school board members that back up my work. i was informed that test proctor can only interrupt you if have your webcam moved something else but they must reason do

  • Before you say it have completed the some pretty hard courses. WGU is great school if you have Certs and AS degree. That tells me the program I in is valued and my undergrad from WGU helped get there

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